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Retail Space HOLM Interior Design

Levitating To The Future

Hotel Lobby & Retail Space

This project will create a hotel lobby as well as a retail store for Apple Inc. The main roles of each area will be defined by two themes. They are surrealism and futurism. Both themes demonstrate to individuals that this company is guiding people into the next generation in a unique and unexpected way.


Hotel Lobby: This hotel lobby features oversized flowers as focus points. In a surreal way, the exaggerated appearance of flowers stands out with its unique vibe. It also functions as a way-finding system, leading guests from the entrance further into the lobby. Furthermore, seamless and curved surfaces with linear lights amp up the surreal feel.


Retail Store: The ceiling's reflecting material and rounded corners are inspired by Apple products (MacBook). The bespoke display tables are a symbol of how Apple combines the future (aluminum) and the natural (stone). Curved benches are mixed with astronaut figures in the corners. It is not just functional, but also symbolic of Apple's desire to put people in a position where the future is right in front of them.

-HOLM Interior Design

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