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Living Area HOLM Interior Design

Depicting Contemporary Contours

Residential Project / Downtown Brooklyn, New York

Welcome to "Depicting Contemporary Contours," an exceptional interior design project nestled in downtown Brooklyn, where every space is adorned with sweeping views of the Statue of Liberty and the iconic Manhattan skyline. The project's essence lies in its bold yet neutral-tone furniture selections, seamlessly blending modern sophistication with the dynamic cityscape.


The captivating Puffy armchair and ottoman create a welcoming reading nook bathed in natural light, accompanied by the soft glow of a task lamp. The distinctive shape of a pendant skillfully casts a captivating play of shadows on the wall as daylight fades. The reflective wall decor and the matte white chair, both carefully selected by the cutting-edge furniture company Zieta, transform the living space into an artistic ensemble. However, the diverse contours aren't solely attributed to Zieta's pieces; they are also crafted by the unique texture of the sofa, the geometric pattern on the rug, the special legs on the coffee table, the circular speaker from Bang & Olufsen, and even the wall decor, which was thoughtfully assembled by our designer in the master and secondary bedrooms. Together, these elements depict the contours of contemporary living, inviting you to experience a unique fusion of urban resilience, panoramic views, and avant-garde furniture shapes in a symphony of style.

-HOLM Interior Design

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